We do not leave anything to the chance!

Due to the modular machine structure of the BOHRER container washers with the possibility of customizing different process-reliable and highly-efficient cleaning technologies, we can meet with our cleaning systems all the requirements for cleanliness, special hygiene requirements, container drying and capacity.
Depending on the crate washer series, our cleaning technologies are used as a whole or in combination. 

For the drive and control of our crate washers, we only use brand-name components from leading manufacturers. This guarantees the functionality and supply of spare parts with original parts for years.

Easy operation via self-explanatory touchscreen control panel and most extensive automation for autonomous machine operation.

In the thermally insulated energy-saving immersion bath with turbulent hot lye flow, all types of dirt on the crate are gently pre-soaked.


Strongly adherent labels, barcodes, price labels or stickers are safely removed inside the crate washer by a high pressure unit by means of our adjustable high-pressure spray nozzles.

Universally adjustable clip spray nozzles distribute the spray water evenly from all sides.


Solids and suspended matter in the washing lye are removed by special permanent filters. They also filter the washing lye during automatic backwashing.


Labels and stickers floating in the immersion bath are automatically removed from the machine via a cyclically running, durable plastic filter belt.

In order to extend the lye service life and to make the machine cleaning as easy as possible, a patented floor sludge emptying unit is installed in every immersion bath.


For machines with several levels, the crates are safely guided in the manually or motorized adjustable upward turning unit.


In addition to cleanliness, the crate protection has top priority. We only use high-quality stainless steel slatband plate chains for the straight transport and rubber-coated clamping jaws for the turning unit.


Open side walls make the machine cleaning much easier.


Thanks to the clear interior structure with clear pipe arrangement, including LED interior lighting, the service and routine cleaning work can be carried out quickly, easily and safely.


All units such as pumps, sensors and filters are installed in a service-friendly manner in lateral technical rooms of the machine. Large swing doors supported by gas springs allow easy access.


For easy access to the machine interior for cleaning/maintenance, our machines are equipped with largely dimensioned windows made of safety glass.

In order to streamline the weekly, time-consuming cleaning of the machine interior, it is possible to install a fully automatic CIP cleaning system in the machine.

In order to keep the air humidity in the filling area as low as possible, we optionally offer long-life vapour fans.


At the customer's request, we can integrate a brushing station into our crate washer for cleaning the crate lateral faces.


Depending on the crate throughput, we offer a retained water blow-off unit which is integrated in the machine or is an external downstream unit. The air blades can be individually adapted to the compartments.

High-performance drying unit for diverse types of container such as crates, cases and pallets by means of frequency-controlled drive and high performance blowers.


Where necessary, coarse dirt, bottles and broken glass are already removed in a BOHRER S crate turning station before the crate enters the washer.