Loading carriage washer | BR series

Special cleaning machine for a wide variety of loading carriages in the food industry

This extremely compact cleaning machine is the universal solution for hygienic cleaning in the meat and sausage processing companies and bakeries. A rotating nozzle system with a defined chemical addition ensures an intensive all-round cleaning for a wide variety of loading carriages


Up to 25 carriages/h

(other capacities on request)

Area of application

  • Meat and sausage processing industry
  • Bakeries
  • Dairies and cheese factories


The machine structure, which has been tested for years, is completely made of stainless steel, and is designed for durability and ease of maintenance and cleaning.

The extensive automation of the control and operation is one of our core competencies. Our automatic CIP internal machine cleaning makes a significant contribution to this. Cleaning agents, pressure, temperature and cleaning time can be configured individually via the process control system of the machine. Dismantling of the individual parts of the system is not required. This saves valuable working time.


Loading carriage washer BR


  • Manual carriages loading
  • Automatic carriages loading in the clean space
  • Touchscreen control panel for automatic emptying of the washing water in the carriage
  • Standardized interfaces (PDA) for production data acquisition in the customer’s plant network
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