BOHRER series PH pallet washer

The technology in this special crate washer for storage and transportation pallets is the same as that in BOHRER crate washers for the beverage and food industry.

  • Machine built of stainless steel in a hygienic design
  • Frequency controlled drive and fluid components
  • Self-cleaning, largely maintenance-free filter systems
  • CIP (Clean in Place) automatic machine cleaning
  • All-round intensive spraying with individually adjustable clip nozzles
  • Easy access on both sides for cleaning and maintenance via large-sized doors with safety glass
  • LED interior lighting of machine
  • Gentle conveyance of containers via stainless steel chains in hygienic BOHRER design
  • Cyclically rotating filter belt over the entire cleaning section to avoid ingress of coarse dirt into the service water
  • Thermally insulated machine housing to save as much energy as possible
  • Spacious, easy to access equipment compartments for pumps and sensors
  • Autonomous machine operation
  • Tool-free batch change
  • Batch preselection for all machine parameters and automatic function settings
  • Standardised interfaces for production data acquisition (PDA) in the customer’s plant network

Up to 1000 pallets/h (other capacities on request))

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