BOHRER special solutions Zur Produktübersicht

In the area of cleaning special solutions, we are open to all suggestions. On the one hand, we offer more than 40 years’ practical experience in project planning, development and construction of highly complex cleaning systems for the beverage and food industry, and on the other, our in-house production means we are able to manufacture and install cleaning plant of any size.

Here are two examples of our crate washer special solutions in MAXI and MINI

MAXI: 40 metres of cleanliness and hygiene from pre-cleaning through to crate drying!

With this special solution for the Grolsch brewery at Enschede in the Netherlands, we implemented all the requirements of modern, cost-efficient crate cleaning such as: Maximum cleanliness with utmost care of crates, environmentally sound energy optimisation, high crate throughput, extensive noise reduction and residue-free removal of advertising stickers and supermarket labels.

MINI: Compact, effective, mobile or stationary
Special solution for mobile use with manual feeding and removal. Despite the short treatment section, it cleans crates and cases at the rate of 50 to 300 per hour
Just ask us, we are sure to find the optimum solution for any cleaning requirement.