Process-reliable, flexible in container loading and easy to use

These requirements of cleaning crates, boxes, containers, trays, covers and pallets as required as well as allowing precisely defined temperature and chemical additions are met by BOHRER cleaning systems efficiently and in a process-reliable manner. The machine structure complete in a robust, durable stainless steel hygienic design with the most modern energy-saving drives and the possibility of combining a wide variety of high-end cleaning components, container turning stations, container blow-off units and high-performance drying according to container requirements are the outstanding features of the BOHRER cleaning systems.

Our machine concepts for clinics and hospitals

  • Crate washer | LRH

    Special crate washers for hygienic applications in the meat-processing and sausage-making industry.
    Intensive lye cleaning section with downstream fresh water processing.

    Area of application

    Meat-processing and sausage-making industry

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  • Pallet washer | PH series

    Special pallet washer. Universally equippable with high-pressure spraying stations, draining stations and high-performance drying stations.

    Area of application

    Breweries, mineral water and soft drink manufacturers, dairies, food industry, logistic industry

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  • Loading carriage washer | BR series

    Compact special cleaning machine for loading carriages. With rotating nozzle system for thorough all-round cleaning of the carriage. Semi-automatic operation and large vapours extraction.

    Area of application

    Meat-processing and sausage-making industry, large-scale bakeries, dairies, cheese factories

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  • AF upward turning unit | AW turning station

    Space-saving option to compensate for height differences.

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  • S-turning station

    Coarse dirt emptying before the cleaning machine. For effective lye saving and trouble-free operation of the crate washer.
    Non-adherent coarse dirt, bottles and broken glass are removed by turning the crate before it enters the crate washer.

    Area of application

    Breweries, mineral water and soft drink manufacturers, dairies, food industry, industry/logistics

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  • Retained water blow-off unit | G series

    External unit for retained water blow-off for all types of crates and containers. High-performance blower with air nozzles that can be adjusted to specific containers

    Area of application

    Breweries, mineral water and soft drink manufacturers, dairies, industry, clinics and hospitals

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  • BOHRER special solutions

    Regarding our container cleaning systems, we think without limits, in all service areas and branch solutions.
    We safely remove any deformed, glued or wedged PET non-returnable bottles in front of the crate washing machine with maximum performance.

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Transport components

On request, we can deliver all of the transporters that are tangent to our machines.

We design, manufacture and assemble conveyors, upwards and downwards crate turners, elevators and much more, including control connection to existing systems.

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