Pallet washer | PH series

This special crate washer for storage and transport pallets corresponds in technology to the BOHRER crate washers for the beverage industry and food industry.


50 bis 1,000 p/h

(other capacities on request)

Area of application

  •  Breweries
  •  Mineral springs companies
  •  Soft drink manufacturers
  •  Dairies
  •  Logistic department


The machine structure, which has been tested for years, is completely made of stainless steel, and is designed for durability and ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Specially embossed hinged slat chains ensure that the crates are carried along safely and at a distance, so that the crates are handled gently when the crates are jammed.

Special, individually adjustable clip nozzles ensure a consistent cleaning result for all surfaces of the crate.

Long-life LED lights in the entire interior of the machine ensure optimal illumination for function control of the machine and work safety during production, cleaning and maintenance.

Largely dimensioned safety glass windows, as opposite to the black-box crate washers, ensure transparency and easy access to the machine.

In order to avoid the ingress of coarse dirt into the service water, a long-life cyclically rotating filter belt ensure a continuous removal of the dirt. The lye service life is extended and the machine cleaning is effectively facilitated.

 For drives and pumps, we only use energy-efficient quality products from leading manufacturers. This also guarantees a seamless supply of spare parts worldwide.

For filtration of the solids and suspended matter from the process water, we use high quality ”state of the art“ stainless steel filters. They also filter the washing lye during the automatic backwashing - the ultimate alternative to the conventional disposable filter elements. 

* optional

Extensive automation is one of our core competencies. Our automatic CIP internal machine cleaning makes a significant contribution to this. Cleaning agents, pressure, temperature and cleaning time can be configured individually via the process control system of the machine. Dismantling of the individual parts of the system is not required. This saves valuable working time.

* optional

All units such as pumps, sensors and filters are installed in a service-friendly manner in spacious, easily accessible technical rooms of the machine. Large swing doors supported by gas springs allow easy access. The ease of use and servicing for the operating personnel couldn't be easier!

* optional

* optional

Pallet washer | PH series

Flexible BOHRER modular design

Moderner pallet washer in hygiene design.


  • Autonomous machine operation
  • Tool-free batch change
  • Touchscreen control panel, self-explanatory and in all language versions
  • Preselection for all machine parameters and automatic function settings
  • Standardized interfaces for production data acquisition (PDA) in the customer’s plant network
Operation Pallet washer PH
Cleaning scheme Pallet washer PH
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